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HABIT 8 – Motivate and Nurture

HABIT 8 – Motivate and Nurture

People by their very nature want to feel part of a community. Students want to learn but do not always have the sustenance needed to keep that dream alive. Parents want to know that progress is being made and they are getting value for money.

Make a Habit of motivating and nurturing every relationship

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The 8 Nurturing Virtues


The way you communicate with someone affects how they view you. Do they trust and value your opinion and your efforts? The more open and clear you are in your communications the more open and clear each relationship.

Using multiple streams of communication will ensure that you make contact with everyone as not everyone reads their emails or has time to answer the phone.

As with customer service in general if your students feel that you value them, they are more likely to value your efforts highly and the feeling of connection keeps them staying with you rather than considering the next cheap offering that comes along!

2.Short and Long Term Goals

Goals can be big or small, short or long term, achievable or challenging but regardless they do give us a measuring stick to judge progress.

If well managed goals can inspire and motivate one to great heights. Use goals verbally in lessons, practice sessions, have for a month, term,year but refer to them and the progress regularly.


Children are known for the enjoyment they receive from receiving a gold star, however all ages can benefit from prizes and rewards.

The acknowledgement is the real reward and the actual item is usually (not always) of less significance, particularly when presented in a positive manner.


Reports can be verbal at each lesson to a parent or to a student or they can be a formal annual written report, or even an examiners report. The purpose of a report should be principally to motivate and inspire but also to assess and re evaluate goals.

If as a teacher you use praise and encouragement frequently and honestly, and develop trust from students that you will also tell them the truth if they haven’t quite got it right, then you are truly nurturing and motivating them.


A music exam covers more than just performing a few songs. Technique, aural, reading, improve, history and theory may be covered depending upon the exam selected.

Focusing on preparing material for a specific date to play in front of a stranger and receive a grade and report can motivate many students to “lift their game”. Students appreciate the feeling of accomplishment when it’s done and the acknowledgement from their teacher, family and school and enjoy receiving the attention and certificate that usually follows.


A performance opportunity can focus a student In the same way that an exam can focus a student to preparing work for a specific date, knowing they will have an audience and NOT wanting to embarrass themselves with a bad performance.

Some students revel in the opportunity to be in the spotlight, while others need to be persuaded but the feeling of achievement is common after the event, particularly if there is a sense of shared experience with other performers and it is done with a sense of fun, enjoyment and encouragement.


For some musicians the opportunity to make music with others is not easily found. Pianists are often solitary performers but the motivation of playing with others even occasionally can be inspiring!

Starting with duets, then small groups, ensembles, choirs and orchestras there are opportunities that can be created and encouraged by teachers that will motivate students to try new music, learn new skills and teamwork as well as having a social connection.


“The greatest Virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.” ARISTOTLE

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HABIT 8 – Motivate and Nurture

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