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HABIT 1 – Making the Right Choices for YOU

Making the Right Choices for YOU.

Don’t try to be something you are not, or to provide everything to everyone.

Decide what you are good at, what will work for you, what you enjoy and do it well and profitably.

Make a Habit of making the right choices for you

The 8 principle questions to shape your teaching career.

1.Where will you teach?

Having decided you want to teach is just the beginning of the journey. The environment you choose to teach in will determine not only the experience had by your students, but also your own comfort and control over the lesson outcomes. What will you teach?

2.What will you teach?

Does being an effective and inspiring teacher depend upon being highly qualified? In many cases (not all) the most highly qualified people make the worst teachers. You might be surprised at how many classes you have the knowledge and skill to teach.

3.Who will you teach?

Recent statistics show that more than a huge percentage of people in almost every country would like to have the opportunity to learn music so that is a large market of potential students. Not everyone enjoys the company of very small children, nor perhaps adults who want to dictate their own learning path. Avoid the trap of trying to be everything to everyone by knowing the profile of who you want to teach.

4.How often will they come?

Do you want to be known for the “traditional” private lesson approach of a weekly lesson of maybe 30 minutes? Perhaps you would like to think outside the box and find a “package” of different classes to help you stand out from the crowd? Explore your options.

5.What stuff do you need?

The ambience of the teaching environment affects your mind set and your students focus. What style suits you and what specific resources on hand do you need to be able to work efficiently?

6.What Price?

They say that “beggars can’t be choosers” but that doesn’t need to apply to your fees. You can choose to undercut the competition, keep with the crowd or value yourself for what you need. Find out what is best for you.

7.What payment methods?

Every music teacher I know detests asking their students for money. Don’t let the emotions associated with the money part of teaching cause you grief. There are solutions!

8.How to timetable?

Customers never sleep. Are you prepared for the early morning, late night and Sunday interruptions? Computer or manual? Explore the expectations of students and prepare yourself with policies to avoid confrontations and disputes.

9.How to enroll?

“Ask and they will come.” If only it were that easy. You need more than one approach to build a teaching income. Explore a variety of ideas to get students attracted to your classes and procedures to get them starting.

10.How to avoid mistakes?

It is easy to feel isolated when you are the only music teacher in your street or family. Who can you connect with to discuss ideas, problems and share experiences with? Do you want to training and networking with other teachers?

“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.”
John Irving

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Habit1: Make the Right Choices

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