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HABIT 6 – Getting the Word Out!

The best set up, content, planning and strategies in the world will not help you get students to your door if you don’t spread the word!

Set yourself up for success and tell the world!

Make a habit of Broadcasting yourself!

The 8 Marketing Missions to spread the word.

1.   Local offline paid advertising

As a provider of a local service you should be looking to make the most of every local connection you can to get your message out.

Getting a professional sign on your car and your location is one of the MOST effective tools I have used and despite this being the age of technology, they still work. In the same way a good business card or brochure placed at local places where people congregate or shop will emphasize that you are part of the community.

2.   Local offline unpaid

As in the previous section, being seen to be local has advantages. If you can spread the word without cost as well, it is even better!

Be mindful however that although you are not paying for an ad, that sometimes unpaid marketing can become extremely time consuming and unless you have limitless time available, you might need to monitor the cost in time taken.

Planning and executing events, visiting local shops and businesses will be valuable resources for your long term future.


3.   Online Directories

There are many free online directories that are good referral sources for you. It can initially take a few hours to research, find and complete the directories but some copy and paste skills can speed up the process.

Some paid directories are also worthwhile because they may have more traffic and offer more information to customers about you, but get the stats before you spend up big!

Think laterally whilst researching and remember that the more places you are listed, the higher the chance someone will find you!

4.   Social Media

Social Media trends can change, however at the time of writing this Facebook is still having the biggest impact on marketing. Consider whether you should have a business “page” to separate your personal from your professional.

Having a presence online that is professional, states clearly what you do and what you value can be a very helpful tool. Keep posting regularly with meaningful and interesting content, avoid too much personal information and interact with people to get respect and interest.

As with other unpaid marketing be mindful of how much time can be swallowed by social media and way it against the value it gives you. There is also the possibility of paid advertising on social media to consider.

Social media can be as useful in keeping current students connected as it can be in finding new students.


5.   Online Advertising

Trends indicate more people are researching and shopping online than ever before. It makes sense then to broadcast yourself online as well as locally.

In addition to the directories previously mentioned, there are google places, adwords,  blogs, articles , and email newsletters that can be utilised to great effect and sometimes with little or no cost.

As with many thing s online, significant time may be spent setting up a blog or newsletter system, however the number of people reached can be extensive and worth the time.

6.   Convert Enquiries to Enrolments

Once you have the advertising and marketing systems working for you it is imperative to have an effective means of converting an enquiry to an enrollment.

In most areas there will be some competition and you have to presume that anyone making an enquiry to you, might also be making an enquiry to them also. Imagine you have only the one opportunity to show or tell them why they should choose you and be proactive asking them to commit.

By developing a clear system to follow with each enquiry, you can convert more enquirers to raving fans!

7.   Track and Review

You might think that once you’ve done the broadcasting work, got the message out, generated and handled the enquiries and enrolments? Think again!

Knowing what works and doesn’t work will save you time and money in the future.

Keep track of time, cost, enquiries and enrolments for every advertising and marketing you do and regularly compare them. Be prepared to change and adapt your marketing plan depending upon the results.


Don’t blame the marketing department. The buck stops with the chief executive.
John D. Rockefeller

WORKSHEET HABIT 6 – Getting the Word Out

  1. Local Offline Paid Advertising



  1. Local offline unpaid



  1. Online Directories



  1. Social Media



  1. Online Advertising Convert Enquiries to Enrolments



  1. Track and Review

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