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HABIT 2 – Be Organised

HABIT 2 – Be Organised

Start as you mean to go on.

Set up your teaching environment to be efficient and minimize your admin time and the energy you expend on tasks that DON’T create income.

Make a Habit of keeping yourself organised

The 8 Staples of Organisation

1.Legal Staples

It is important to consider all your obligations BEFORE you get started as this avoids conflict, stress and disappointment .Here are the most common legal areas you should consider and if necessary get advice about to ensure you are being a good business citizen!

2.Teaching Room Staples

Before You meet with your first student or family, setting up your environment is vital. Your teaching environment should be comfortable for you, the student and the family. It should include all the items you need to teach the lesson or convert from an enquiry to an enrollment

3.Admin Equipment Staples

As a child at school we were usually surrounded by pencils, rulers, erasers and other stationery staples to enable us to be able to complete our class work.

As teachers we need to set ourselves up with the equivalent stationery and other items to enable us to complete our teaching work during and after lessons. Having your tools at your fingertips improves your efficiency leaving more time for tasks that earn income!

4.System Staples

Almost everything in the natural world has a system to it, although it is not always obvious. The human body is made of muscular systems, vascular systems and so forth. The climate and environment has pressure systems and seasonal systems… but I think you get the idea.

Without systems, chaos and confusion reigns. From chaos and confusion comes frustration and other nasties! Systems keep the nasties away!

5.Policy Staples

What are do you value? What are essential rules you would like students and parents to abide   by? Perhaps your commitments dictate how you handle replacement or cancelled lessons? If you are teaching at home, you may have family considerations.

Whatever your environment every teacher will benefit from providing clear policies to students and parents to avoid misunderstandings, conflict and disappointments.

6.Computer Staples

Technology is a tool designed to enable us to achieve a myriad of tasks.

A computer of some sort with internet and probably printer are the staples for communication, planning, reporting, marketing and more in any business. Software for managing finances and internet for social media, communications are the minimum requirements for all businesses also.

Music Teachers also may need software Notation and Recording software to assist with lesson content.

There are endless choices available to suit your personal requirements.

7.Marketing Set Up Staples

To “get the word out” that about you and that you are looking for students, you will need to do some marketing.

No need to panic! You do not need to learn special techniques or invest large amounts of money, but you do need to be selective and pay attention to what works. There are many simple and low cost methods of “spreading the word” in your neighborhood.

8.Student Motivation Staples

It is a rare student that does not require some sort of motivation from their teacher at one time or another. Be prepared for the student who needs help keeping them enthusiastic and motivated about their lessons .

Use your own energetic enthusiasm for music as well as physical rewards and goals to keep students coming back for more.

I’m super organized, but a horrible house cleaner.
Angie Harmon

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HABIT 2 – Be Organised

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