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Grow Your Music School Webinar


Grow Your Music School Webinar

Grow Your Music School Webinar – The Business of Being a Music Teacher

You can also watch the webinar here >>> Grow Your Music School Webinar.  The webinar is perfect for you if you are a music teacher who is

  1. not employed
  2. self-employed, or
  3. you are or want to be a “studio” music teacher

Whether you teach at home, in homes, school, retail studio,  community center, online, or elsewhere.

Music School Success Ladder

There are 9 levels of growth a music teaching business or music school has which is divided into 3 categories:

  • Foundation Level – teaching by yourself
  • Enterprise Level – teachers working for you
  • Alchemy Level – where the Magic Happens!

MSS Ladder

Foundation Level

The Foundation Level includes Roadie, Chorus Line, and One Person Show. A Roadie still works outside of the music teaching profession. When you start teaching music for someone else you become part of the Chorus Line. After that once you have your own music school, then you become the One Person Show.

Enterprise Level

The Enterprise Level is when other teachers work for you. Having a small group of teachers in your team but majority of your income is still from your own teaching makes you a Leading Man/Woman. From the time you earn around half the income from your own teaching and the other half from your employees, you progress to the Principal level. The next level which is the Manager happens when all of your income comes from the teachers working for you.

Alchemy Level

Alchemy, the level higher than the Manager, is when master music teachers start to generate income and other businesses even outside the domain of teaching. If you hire a Manager who will handle the day to day operations of your school/s, you become a Director. Next, once you have a franchise or you have a director, you become a Virtuoso. A Virtuoso is where you don’t get involved in daily operations anymore, focusing more on thinking about new ideas and strategies. The final level in Alchemy is when you still have your music school/s but you begin to be sought after for workshops, advice, and partnerships.

You can also download a free ebook about the MSS Ladder here.

Where do you realistically want to be on the ladder? Check if you have:

  1. Significant hours of work to build or manage multiple businesses?
  2. Interest in developing or have people skills?
  3. Significant financial support and good health to sustain the level of work needed?
  4. Significant contacts and recognition in your area?

Where are you on the ladder now?

How to move up the steps?

Answer: Learn to use the appropriate 8 business divisions namely Finance, Intellectual Property (IP), Legal, Marketing, Operations (includes teaching), Human Resources, IT, and Merchandise. You do not need to be an expert in every aspect of the business because you can get a team or outside consultants. You don’t need to know every step, just the right step for now.

To move specifically from one step to the next visit our webinar starting from 33:10 >>> Grow Your Music School Webinar.

Wendy can personally coach you and guide you step-by-step on how to fast track your way up the ladder in her private coaching sessions or masterminds. Come and target your specific needs, solve your particular problems, answer your questions, keep you focused, and motivate you to succeed. Coaching makes you accountable to someone other than yourself!

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