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Top 5 Places to Find New Students for Your Music School

When we are starting a music school, we all get hyped up for this new experience expanding our love for music. But wait, where will I exactly find new students, you may ask? If you already have an existing music school but want to grow your students, and tried many different techniques already, you may want to check out these top 5 places to find new students for your music school.

  1. Local community or school
    • Place posters on bulletin boards. This usually comes with a minimal fee but be sure to ask for the Guitarcommunity or school admin first before pasting posters around.
    • Leave fliers or calling cards in reception areas. This is similar to the posters mentioned above.
    • Be a regular monthly newsletter, newspaper, or magazine writer. Be keen on finding papers your target market is already reading. This is the best place for you to write your articles. Try to contact people in-charge for writing a column about music and related topics.
  2. Music store
    • Partner with music store owners so you can leave posters, fliers, or calling cards there. If you have very good connections, you might be given free pass to leave your marketing materials in their stores. Remember, those interested in music would definitely go inside music stores.
    • For online music stores, contact the store admin how you can advertise your school. Advertisement on websites are usually banner photo ads.
  3. Existing students
    • Offer a referral program, giving them 10% of the package the person they referred to paid, or a discount in their own lessons. This is also a form of networking. For your highly satisfied students, chances are they will refer you to their connections without you even asking for it. So the better experience you offer your students the more word-of-mouth you can achieve.
  4. Local club, church, or organization
    • Offer your talents by performing regularly on a local club, church, open mic or other local organization. If you are allowed, you can also plug your music school. People will also ask what you do and you can tell them about your school and invite them or someone they know to study.
    • Also, join fairs, tradeshows, and concerts usually done by organizations to have physical visibility in your target area.
  5. Online presence
    • In this digital age, you can reach millenials by having a good online presence.
    • Make sure to have a website that lists the courses you offer in your school.
    • Set up your social media accounts – facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but most especially YouTube because your business is all about music and has to be heard. Take a look at my Youtube channel so you can have an idea how you can build yours.
    • Have a regular schedule for posting content so your prospects can that you’re active.
    • Run advertising campaigns through Google Adwords (for your website) and in-house advertising for your social media accounts.

There you go, we hope you got new ideas on how to increase your number of students for your music school! These may seem a lot to do at once, so try it one at a time and put it on schedule and remember to monitor your campaign results so you can repeat the things that work and remove the things that don’t. Try also this consulting strategy with me all for free!