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Setting-up Music School Lesson Policies

If you are planning to start a music school, you will soon find the need to set-up lesson policies for organization and for general rules for your students.

The aim is to be clear and consistent in what will work for you and your school , to enable you to provide the highest quality of service and education that you can. You have to take into consideration things like attendance, makeup lessons, teacher absences, practice, and tuition. As other items arise, you can always update your policies.

It is vital however that you be prepared to enforce your policies when needed yet still feel free in exceptional circumstances to be flexible.


Lesson Policies to Consider

  1. Attendance
    • How will you handle students who do not arrive on time?
  2. Withdrawing
    • how much notice do you expect if a student wants to stop lessons?
  3. Fees and Payments
    • How and when do you expect to be paid?
    • Will you issue late fees?
    • Early payment discounts?
    • Do you ever give refunds?
    • Do you supply books and if so how do you expect payment for those?
  4. Makeup lessons
    • Will you offer them or not?
    • If you do , how often will you allow them to rearrange within a term?
    • How much notice do you require?
    • How will you manage if students are going away for several weeks during term?
    • It is important not to be too lenient with your times as it will affect your income, but it is still good to still have some space for negotiating with the times.
  5. Teacher absences
    • What will you do if you are unable to teach due to illness? offer makeups? or cancel?
    • Will you provide a replacement teacher?
  6. Practice
    • What are your expectations regarding homework?
    • and student behavior?
  7. Concerts,Competitions & Exams
    • What are you expectations regarding concert participation? Does everyone have to attend?
    • What are you expectations regarding Exam participation? Does everyone have to do exams ?
    • Which Exam institutions do you use?
    • Do you expect your students to enter competitions?

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