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Music School Success Masterminds

What is a Music School Success Mastermind Program?

It is a small group of Music Teacher committed to growing their Music School and improving their lives.

Mastermind groups are renowned for being supportive environments that encourage action and committment to succeed through collaboration of like minded people. Their true value is the collaborative support and motivation that colleagues can provide when combined with an experienced Industry Mentor.

The group meet weekly to learn and expand their knowledge of all the different facets involved in running their Music School or Music Teaching Business.


Your Mastermind Program starts by completing an “Application to Join” form which shares their goals and enables groups to be formed with  a good balance of knowledge and skills.

The more thought and detail you include in your application, the more assistance can be given and the best group placement can be achieved.


Once you have been allocated a Mastermind Group, you will be invited to have a 30 minute Private Consultation with Wendy to clarify your current Music School Position on the Music School Success Ladder and your goals for the future.


Following your private consultation, will be a series of weekly webinars.

These webinars include learning and sharing of knowledge from Wendy’s 40 years as a Music School Entrepreneur inclduing the strategies and systems that are essential to achieve your goals. Document Templates provided as needed.

There will also be discussion and sharing amongst the group of challengs and successes to further assist each member to committ to taking action.


Mastermind Level 1

  • Starts Friday August 4th 2017. (alternative groups/days available depending upon demand)
  • 1 X 30 minute Private Consult & 4 Weekly 2 hour Webinars
  • Cost $399
  • Maximum 12 people per group

Mastermind Level 2

  • Starts September 2017
  • 1 X 30 minute Private Consult & 9 Weekly 2 hour Webinars
  • Cost $799
  • Maximum 8 people per group

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