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Top 10 Reasons for Joining a Mastermind Group


A Mastermind Group is a group of people who gather together who have similar interests, activities, or goals in mind. Napoleon Hill was said to have started this term although the idea has been circulating even earlier.

For us music teachers, it can be very helpful to be a part of the same kind of people who are walking in the same journey, same direction as ours. Being a part of seniors and even young rising music teachers can have an over-all positive impact if we work together.

Find out more below how Mastermind Groups can benefit you!

Top 10 Reasons for Joining a Mastermind Group

Top 10 Reasons for Joining a Mastermind Group

  1. Support
    • If for example you have encountered a difficulty in your teaching business and somebody in the group have overcome that difficulty, that person will be able to help you get through that as well.
  2. Accountability
    • In our music teaching business, we can sometimes get caught up with a lot of things to do not from just teaching, but from doing other tasks such as filing taxes, paying bills, marketing, and so on and forth. Having a group such as this will help you get in track of your goals and most especially reach that goals and stay focused.
  3. Community
    • Abraham Maslow said that it is one of our innate needs as humans to belong or to be a part of a group of people we identify ourselves with. Being a part of a mastermind group will surely fill up that need.
  4. Networking
    • This is also a way to cross-promote, establish new partnerships, or referral systems. For example, you have met a student who lives in a different location you cannot serve, you can refer that to your mastermind peer and even ask for a referral fee if you want. Another thing is to add business partners in a partnership or even corporation setup.
  5. New Learnings
    • Have you ever experienced learning something new from someone just by having a casual conversation with them? I’m sure you have.
  6. Brainstorming
    • For example, an entirely new situation comes up and no one has ever experienced that before. Then, this is the perfect time to brainstorm with your peer group and get some “master” minds running!
  7. Increased income
    • Since we are in the business side of things, it is expected that masterminding’s natural consequence is to improve your business acumen and thereby generate more income for you.
  8. Satisfaction of Helping Others
    • Doesn’t it feel good to help others? and even feels better when others help you back? Giving support, feedback, ideas, are sure signs of helping.
  9. Encouragement
    • There might be times when you face challenges in your journey as music teacher or music school owner, this will be the perfect time to receive that extra boost of encouragement such as “Hey, you can do it! It’s gonna get better just hang on.” In the other side of the coin you can also do the same for others.
  10. Strength in Numbers
    • There is an old saying that there is strength in numbers, of course if you work together in harmony. And as music teachers, we definitely know what harmony means!

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