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HABIT 4 –Knowing What to teach

Knowing what information and repertoire to choose for each student can make or break a lesson. Build a music library so you will never be without ideas or resources. Then get familiar with the contents by playing through yourself looking for things that appeal and focusing on the concepts that they cover. Perhaps you can

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HABIT 5 – Effective Teaching

HABIT 5 – Effective Teaching A successful teacher knows how to get students to understand information and absorb skills. They are a good communicator, a great listener, problem solver, psychologist and coach. They have strategies of communicating with different age groups, genders and personalities that learn in different ways. Make a Habit of matching learning

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HABIT 6 – Getting the Word Out!

The best set up, content, planning and strategies in the world will not help you get students to your door if you don’t spread the word! Set yourself up for success and tell the world! Make a habit of Broadcasting yourself! The 8 Marketing Missions to spread the word. 1.   Local offline paid advertising As

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HABIT 7 – Keep the Wheels turning

Creative people are excellent and getting ideas and tasks going but not so good at keeping them moving forward.Whether or not you have that sort of “creative“ personality, it is important to not only set yourself for up success but keep “oiling the wheels” to ensure your business runs smoothly. Plans and systems need regular

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